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Thanks for visiting. I’m Dr. Aoiffe Kilcommons, the director of Happiness in Mind, Psychology and Well-being Services.

At Happiness in Mind, we can help you learn how to use your mind and emotions to achieve your full potential, to stay mentally tough under pressure and to create lasting happiness in your life.


The reality is, we’re all vulnerable to stress and pain in life. As human beings, we can’t avoid it. Stress is now recognised as the basic cause of more than 60 % of all human illnesses and diseases according to the American Medical Association.

We live in a fast-paced, demanding world. At some point we all face disappointment, crisis, failure, illness, injury, or lose valued relationships through rejection, separation or death. This can leave many of us struggling with negative thoughts and feelings. Despite not wanting to be stuck in our pain, we know it can be hard to steer ourselves towards feeling calmer and happier. And we can end up unhappy, stressed, depressed, anxious, obsessed, addicted, with poor confidence, relationship difficulties and in poor physical health.

Are you looking for true happiness?

Regardless of who we are or what we do, we all ultimately long for a life that is a truly happy one. My own search for true happiness began at the age of 14. After decades of studying both western psychology and eastern approaches to healing, I discovered the keys to lasting happiness and fulfilment.

"Happiness is above all a love of life"

(Matthieu Ricard, Buddhist Monk)

Happiness can mean different things to different people. However, my understanding is that happiness is not just a feeling. It is an optimal state of being and profound peace with the world that is accessed when our mind is free from inner conflicts.

From our experience of working with hundreds of people, happiness is a skill that can be learnt and developed to help us transform our lives.

So whoever you are - whether you’re a business leader, professional sports athlete, plumber, stay at home mum, student, not working or retired – we can help you achieve your full potential.

In our Clinical Psychology service, I lead a team of highly skilled Clinical Psychologists experienced in assessing and helping people overcome a wide range of issues including: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Relationships Difficulties, Low Self-Esteem, Trauma/ PTSD, Childhood Abuse, Addiction, Physical Health issues and lots more.

Prevention is always better than cure, so we offer you Stress Resilience training to maximise your ability to be OK on the inside regardless of what happens on the outside.

If you are functioning well yet underneath crave something more or don’t feel fulfilled, our Life Coaching service can help you to create the life you want.

The Resilience in Mind Centre was established out of our innovative work with elite athletes in the professional sports arena. We train professional sports people and coaching personnel to stay mentally strong under pressure to realise their sports dreams.

Our services can help you create lasting happiness and resilience in your life. You can benefit from both clinically tested and holistic approaches:

All sessions are held in the strictest of confidence in a warm and caring environment.

To book a free initial consultation just hit the button below or call Dr Kilcommons on 07378 302 335

Clinics are based at: The Manchester Institute of Health & Performance in Manchester, The Burton Road Clinic in Didsbury and The Wilmslow Hosptal.

"The best thing I have ever done - I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I feel I came to Dr Kilcommons with one problem (i.e. sleep problems) but I got so many other problems sorted out. I feel I have got my life back. The end of therapy is now the beginning of my new life" (JB, Sale).
“It’s amazing the difference in the way I feel today compared to just twelve weeks ago. I didn’t think it would help me as I thought it was too long after the accident but it definitely has helped me. I can’t thank you enough for all your help”. (Anon)
“Dr Aoiffe Kilcommons’ help was excellent, professional and intelligent. Our time together was extremely useful and I now understand how and why my problems came about, and I am now able to control them. The approach was very adaptive and changed according to my needs”. (AS)
“I would without hesitation recommend to anybody who is considering to have therapy, to do their upmost to receive therapy from Dr Aoiffe Kilcommons – an absolute credit to her profession”. (GR)
"The first couple of sessions were quite difficult as I was very low and stressed but Aoiffe's calm approach put me at ease. I have benefitted greatly from my therapy sessions… and I have found a peaceful, calm, happy way forward. Thank you". (CG, North Manchester).
“Learning to understand what motivates me, then making a conscious choice on whether I act on it, has made my life a lot easier to live and enjoy!”
“The experience has been extremely valuable. I found it insightful and structured. The physical mapping of the themes I talked about was very helpful as a visual aid and reminder that different behaviours can be triggered by the same cycle. I find it easier to spot a destructive pattern beginning and I’m able to take steps to combat it… I’m on the road to contentment which is a wonderful feeling – thank you!! (CW)
“I felt nervous and didn't really know what to expect from therapy. Dr Aoiffe has guided me back to being happy which makes therapy so worthwhile. I can't think of anything negative to say. The whole experience has made me overcome being self-critical and I now find it easier to speak to people about my feelings and have lots of different techniques to help me cope with situations I'm in. Thanks". (ND, Oldham).