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Voice Dialogue

“Selves or parts are constantly operating in everyone… they are the energy systems that experience life. Voice Dialogue gives us a chance to objectify them, to recognise them, to name them, to understand them and work with them creatively.

When we use Voice Dialogue, we are becoming sensitive to the dramas played out by these selves.”

– (Dr. Hal Stone, Ph.D)

What is Voice Dialogue?

Can you connect to having the following experiences?

“A part of me really wants to go out and socialise this evening and another part of me can’t be bothered and would rather stay in and relax”.

“When I made that mistake, I got annoyed and beat myself up”.

Who the ‘I’ that wants to go out and who is the ‘I’ that would rather stay in? Or who is the ‘I’ that criticises what one did?

We tend to think of ourselves as a person or individual that has a singular personality.  However, within each of us is a myriad of ‘selves’ and each self has its own voice, own perspective, own thoughts, feelings, desires  and own set of rules for navigating life.   These selves, which are referred to as ‘voices’, subpersonalities, ‘parts’, or ‘energies’  that form aspects of our consciousness, often have a huge influence on our lives and the choices we make on a daily basis.

Pioneered by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone in the late 1970s, Voice Dialogue is a ground-breaking process for exploring the different selves within that make up your whole personality and influence the course of your life.  By tuning into the vast array of selves within – by listening to what they have to say and becoming aware of their role, desires, and opinions – you get a clearer idea of your inner conflicts.  This process of directly experiencing the different selves within ultimately awakens an increased capacity for choice-making in your life and creates opportunities for separating from those energies that keep you stuck or hold you back.

Benefits of Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is an extremely powerful and effective practical tool to help you to get to know and understand how you relate to yourself and others in your life on a very deep level.  It is a consciousness expanding process that can increase the choices you have for navigating life successfully and has the potential to dramatically transform all kinds of relationship issues.

Some of the benefits of Voice Dialogue include:

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