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“The best thing I have ever done – I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I feel I came to Dr Kilcommons with one problem (i.e. sleep problems) but I got so many other problems sorted out. I feel I have got my life back. The end of therapy is now the beginning of my new life” (JB, Sale).

“The first couple of sessions were quite difficult as I was very low and stressed but Aoiffe’s calm approach put me at ease. I have benefitted greatly from my therapy sessions. I now have clear strategies in place to help me with unhelpful thinking patterns and also with my overchecking. I have learnt how and why I developed these patterns and I have found this very useful in finding a peaceful, calm, happy way forward. Thank you”. (CG, North Manchester).

“I felt nervous and didn’t really know what to expect from therapy. I had lots of questions about what therapy was going to be like at the beginning. Since having therapy I’ve found it so helpful. Dr Aoiffe has guided me back to being happy which makes therapy so worthwhile. I can’t think of anything negative to say. The whole experience has made me overcome being self-critical and I now find it easier to speak to people about my feelings and have lots of different techniques to help me cope with situations I’m in. Thanks”. (ND, Oldham).

“Learning to understand what motivates me, then making a conscious choice on whether I act on it, has made my life a lot easier to live and enjoy!”

“The experience has been extremely valuable. I found it insightful and structured. The physical mapping of the themes I talked about was very helpful as a visual aid and reminder that different behaviours can be triggered by the same cycle.  Now my common destructive behaviours can be linked to these broad cycles.  I find it easier to spot a destructive pattern beginning and I’m able to take steps to combat it.  I feel more aware of why I do the things I do.  I think I’m on the road to contentment which is a wonderful feeling – thank you!! (CW)

“Dr Aoiffe Kilcommons’ help was excellent, professional and intelligent. Our time together was extremely useful and I now understand how and why my problems came about, and I am now able to control them.  The approach was very adaptive and changed according to my needs”.  (AS)

“I would without hesitation recommend to anybody who is considering to have therapy, to do their upmost to receive therapy from Dr Aoiffe Kilcommons – an absolute credit to her profession”. (GR)

“It’s amazing the difference in the way I feel today compared to just twelve weeks ago.  I didn’t think it would help me as I thought it was too long after the accident but it definitely has helped me.  I can’t thank you enough for all your help”.

“I hesitated on attending therapy at first but after the first few sessions, I could tell it was helping me.  Dr Kilcommons was relaxed and easy to talk with and she gave me the tools I needed to get through my situation and feel good about myself” (KO)

“The therapy I received was very beneficial. After years of various treatments for depression, Dr. Kilcommons offered a refreshing and flexible approach.  I felt more engaged in the therapy than I had in other therapies I’d have previously.  The therapy was tailored to fit my needs and requests.  I feel that this experience has been invaluable to my development.  I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Kilcommons” (anon).

“I have found sessions of real value and beneficial.”  (TB)

“Soon after seeing Dr Kilcommons, I began to look forward to our meetings and I left each session feeling like a weight had been lifted. There was no judgement in our conversations, just understanding and compassion. Yes, some of the chats covered difficult topics but healing and change is never easy and therapy was never going to be the path of least resistance but that’s why it works. It helps you re-evaluate your coping mechanisms and think about how you can live for the now rather than spending energy worrying about the future, the past or things you can’t change.”

“Fortunately, as individuals we are capable of wonderful change, it’s just sometimes you need a road-map and a coffee for the journey; Dr Kilcommons will help you plan your route; the cappuccino is up to you.” (anon)

“I have enjoyed my sessions and found them both useful and helpful. I have learnt a lot about myself and how to cope with difficult situations.  I have developed good techniques of how to calm myself down when I feel swamped with any situation and how to control how I feel about my physical pain” (JH)